Trial Work

Diplomacy, confidence, and tact are the hallmarks of an experienced, professional trial attorney. Negotiation is a learned skill.  We devote ongoing attention to the best methods and practices to achieve an effective, satisfactory resolution.

Trial is the place where contracts and other obligations are tested.  We treat lawsuits like other business matters, meaning that we help you evaluate your return on investment.

My trial practice focuses on:

  • Contract cases
  • Real estate lawsuits
  • Disputes between business owners
  • Corporate and partnership lawsuits
  • Probate and inheritances
  • Will and trust disputes

What we don’t handle:

  • Slip and fall
  • Personal injury
  • Divorce
  • Worker’s Compensation

We don’t chase ambulances:  we don’t file class action lawsuits:  we don’t seek big contingency fee cases.  Other attorneys handle these matters.

When you engage us to handle yourlawsuit, we will protect your objectives and goals while also considering ROI from your financial investment in the lawsuit.

During a trial, your attorney plays an important role in the outcome of the verdict.  Trial lawyers are there to counsel and advice you when it comes to legal rights and obligations. Equally as important, trial lawyers possess the experience and knowledge of courts in the Central Valley (Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare County) to act adequately and represent you in the local trial court’s best manner.

To some, the term “litigator” has a certain cachet.  However, there is a difference between litigators and trial lawyers.  There are many competent litigators.  These attorneys are generally familiar with California’s Code of Civil Procedure.  They utilize the discovery process and various ways to get information.  They depose witnesses and hire experts.

However, none of this makes them good trial lawyers.  In fact, some litigators do not try cases and many others try very few if any cases.

Trial attorneys handle lawsuits as professionals, not as paper pushers.  Being rude or abrasive is often contrary to the client’s best interests, as it engenders hard feelings in the adverse party and prolongs the dispute.  We approach lawsuits with the assumption that the case must be made ready for trial.